Good music matters. Venice Beach.

Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff - “Topeka AM”

Caleb McCoach - “With A Song”

Connie Converse - “Talkin’ Like You (Two Tall Mountains)”

"Connie Converse was the quintessential musical enigma – an artist before her time, forgotten, and disappeared without a trace over 35 years ago. If you stripped away the sharp literary mind, the precision of the songcraft, the bare honesty of her humble recordings, you would still be left with an unanswerable question: Where did she go? Why did she pack her belongings into a car, write goodbye letters to her friends and family, and vanish?" - Squirrel Thing Recordings

Angel Olsen - “Hi-Five”

Alden Penner - “Precession”



Lord Huron - “Auld Lang Syne”

Driving across the Mojave Desert in the middle of the night. Revisitng my favorite music from 2013.
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